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From the very beginning of our YouTube channel (Smoky Mountain Outpost) we have always done a giveaway every month, and upon starting our 2nd YouTube channel (Outpost Review), we also decided to do a giveaway every month for that channel. We will always do TWO of our regular giveaways every month between the two YT channels. These giveaways are separate from the milestone giveaway. (seen below)

Starting now (5.4.21) we have decided to also do what we are calling "MILESTONE" giveaways, in order to help create some awareness for our channels. So for every 10,000 subscribers we get, we will add $150 to the giveaway amount. Here is what that looks like:

  • 40k subscribers - (2) Stihl MS180 chainsaw {valued around $500}

  • 50k subscribers - {valued @ $750}

  • 60k subscribers - {valued @ $900}

  • 70k subscribers - {valued @ $1050}

  • 80k subscribers - {valued @ $1200}

  • 90k subscribers - {valued @ $1350}

  • 100k subscribers - {valued @ $1500}

  • ETC...

Instructions to Enter our giveaways:

- Leave a comment on our giveaway video for that month...before we do our drawing at the end of that month

Disclaimer: Please check with your country regarding giveaways.

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